1. To create and sustain a community of health-conscious physical educationists at various levels, who will be fully equipped to impart instruction in Physical Education and undertake physical activity programs for children and youth.
2. To educate students holistically and produce dedicated, competent, and committed human engineers who can satisfy the needs of society and the sports industry in a scientific way.
3. To prepare academically reflective, intellectually sound, culturally sensitive, socially responsive, pedagogically sound, and technologically equipped physical educationists to meet national and global challenges.
4. To promote physical education activities for the overall development of students.
5. To build a research attitude towards building a constructive, dynamic, healthy society and profession.
6. To give practical shape to students’ special talent with life skills and employability Skills
7. To inculcate the right values among students while encouraging competitiveness to promote leadership qualities.
8. To conduct activities to inculcate a sense of national responsibility, national integration, gender equality, social, moral, spiritual, and scientific outlook
9. To achieve excellence in different areas so as to contribute to the development of the region, and nation and produce responsible citizens through value-based  education. By and large, the above mission statements comprehend the core values of NAAC. The SKRCPE has a primary mission to impart quality in higher education and also to define its distinctive characteristics. The Vision and Mission statements are duly proliferated through the website, display boards, and prospectus for generating responsiveness among the various stakeholders and to be valued by the mentors of the college.